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Custom Research Panels

An online research panel or customer advisory panel is a group of pre-registered respondents who have willingly agreed to participate in research surveys and/or customer feedback sessions.

  • The benefits of a research panel to your business are numerous:
  • Rapid feedback
  • Greater Insight
  • Integrating research within your business
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty
  • Integrating qualitative and qualitative feedback
  • Cost Effective Research
  • Engagement through interactive studies

Research panel strategy, design and panel management

Our team has extensive experience of designing, building and managing research panels that enable you to engage with your customers effectively.

Our standard online research panel can be implemented extremely quickly and only requires minimal customization, making it an extremely cost effective option. However we are also able to design and build a completely customised panel to your specification.

  • When creating your research panel we use our expertise to:
  • Recruit panel members
  • Define appropriate incentives
  • Define member rules and T&Cís
  • Set up member communication programmes
  • Manage the panel diversity and representativeness
  • Manage the incentive programme
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Beehive's Custom Research Panel can be customised to comply with your corporate guidelines

Join the Beehive Members Area and try out our demonstration panel with full registration, double opt-in and a user-friendly portal.

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